Our flight platforms are able to lift a wide range of sensors, including multispectral and thermal imaging cameras and they can perform automatic GIS based flights. This allow us to operate effectively in every fields of remote sensing . Our strength compared to the classic aerial platforms (airplane or satellite) is in the velocity of the survey, in the production speed of the data and in the repetitiveness at time intervals. The areas of use for this type of data are the environmental control from landfills monitoring to agriculture mapping.
The Precision Farming is the new frontier of modern agriculture and is the adaptation of agronomic practices to environmental variability. This variability needs to be identified, interpreted and then managed by the farmer. With the precision farming, on the basis of prescription maps of crops, updated in real time, each point of the field can be treated precisely according to its real and specific characteristics and conditions (requirements of fertilizer, water and pesticides). The main advantages of these practices are:

  • Higher yields
  • Cost savings
  • Environmental benefits
  • ViReal performs multispectral aerial surveys in the region of the visible and infrared for mapping
    crops (extensive, vegetables, orchards and vineyards).



The thermal survey of land and buildings is an important analytical data that finds many applications in the environmental field (monitoring landfills) and in the technical industries (monitoring energy efficiency, functionality and management of photovoltaic systems).
The data thus obtained is processed and certified according to the specific needs of the clients.