We provide aerial photos and high resolution videos from a low altitude.
The high stability and high precision of our flight systems allow us to place them at any point in space, even in confined and difficult situations.
We are capable to make complex camera movements (both manual and automatic pathways through pre-programmed flight), otherwise impossible with conventional helicopters or cranes, for this reason, many productions now choose our systems.

Large and small companies (commercial, industrial, sports facilities) are using aerial photosand videos to advertise their businesses. ViReal offers both aerial and terrestrial video services for advertising publications, corporate videos, , websites, etc.



The territorial promotion of an area, as the driving force of the tourism industry, necessarily passes through aerial photos and videos. Our clients are both government (municipalities, provinces, regions, organizations) and private operators (villas, hotels, restaurants, campsites).
We are also able to integrate more multimedia in a digital cartography, consisting of 2D and 3D multilevel maps.



Many aspects are the basis for the creation of great works. The study, the design, the visual and environmental impact, the status of the territory at the time of the project, and the changes with the progress of the work, the completion of the work, and more.
Photography, especially the aerial is an important basis for document, view and monitor giving a solid contribution to the solution of all these problems.



Real estate

ViReal offers to the professionals in the housing market an advertising tool specifically designed to take advantage of the web. We create video real estate ads that show the property in its whole including details of major importance internal and external. The aerial footage allows customers to have a vision of the property and its appendages, such as the garden, open spaces, a swimming pool and in general the urban context in which it is inserted. The final product allows potential buyers to visit the property in person from the comfort of their own PC, tablet or smartphone, anywhere they are.



Often literary authors or journalists include in their publications aerial photos to optimize the description