The Microdrones MD4 are UAV systems (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), unmanned aircraft able to automatically follow a pre programmed flight that is planned and then uploaded to the aircraft, the ground operators are able to intervene at any time from a ground station if needed.
The MD4 are VTOL UAV class (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) quadrirotors, which means they take off and land vertically. The major benefit is that they can take off and land from virtually any type of surface and also from confined areas.

The structure is made of carbon fiber, fully water-protected, this gives the aircraft strength and lightness, the overall weight is 900 grams, diameter of less than 1 meter. The all system is placed in a small size peli-case that can easily be transported. The electric propulsion enables the aircraft to be extremely silent, feature very useful in a protected naturalistic contexts where it is preferable not to disturb the wildlife.

The MD4-1000 is the larger version of the MD4-200, designed for heavier payloads, this opens up a wider range of applications than the MD4-200, with which it shares the electronic control and most of the subsystems. Flight performance are striking, five times heavier payload capacity, it is faster, and it can fly for 30 minutes.

The drones are equipped with a GPS receiver, barometer, magnetometer, gyroscopes and accelerometers. The integration of these subsystems is an Inertial Navigation System (INS) permit to automatically run a prep-rogrammed flight plan or, if required, to maintain precisely its position . The GPS positioning system and flight sensors also allow to counteract automatically the action of the wind, thereby improving the stability of the machine and consequently the quality of the reliefs.