Our graphic division is able to generate photo-realistic 3D models of buildings, infrastructures, etc. These 3D models are inserted in aerial photographs carried out ad-hoc for this purpose. The aerial photographs made for photo-integration of 3D models are planned and carried out automatically (GPS position, altitude, orientation and viewing angle) from the drone, to guarantee a perfect result which is a photorealistic simulation of how the territory is presented after the completion of the construction. This product is also functional for the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment).



Every professional uses both general and detailed aerial views as a basis to start drawing the project and to check the compatibility and impact of the territory. On these occasions we photo-stitch our Render3D or the one supplied by the customer. These products are essential for all operators in the real estate sector, from the designer to the sales agent.
This is an effective tool for the rapid sale of a property as well as the approval of a project by public bodies or simple check on the performance of a project idea.



We create 3D renderings of major building, providing both illustrations (posters, etc) and animations to present in a big way the engineering interventions.