We have a large fleet of drones varied depending on the services requested. A drone is an unmanned aircraft, known internationally as UAV (acronym of the English name “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle”, which literally translated means “unmanned aerial vehicle”). Are sometimes improperly called drones, drone italianizzando the English word which means “ringing” because of the noise.
ViReal was and is a pioneer in the design of services that take advantage of this aerial flight deck.

These aerial vehicles can be fully automated (i.e. follow a pre-programmed flight profile) or be remote-controlled from a base station. As today there are hundreds of UAV systems, both fixed-wing and rotorcraft, primarily for military use. In the last few years Drones are used even for civil matters.UAVs are considered to be the most promising platform for aerial surveys. Compared to all the other platforms, aerial or satellite, the UAV has many advantages, both technical and logistical, one of the most important is the low-level operations (which results in a high spatial resolution), and reduced operating costs.
It’s also important to underline that UAVs are usually the best choice for safety reasons. They may carry out the same operations performed from conventional planes or helicopters however they do not endanger the lives of the pilots, also they are safer for the staff that carry out dangerous tasks like roofs, scaffolding, power line and bridge inspections to name a few.